Chiara Ferragni, Susie Lau, Rumi Neely and the rest of the first wave of fashion bloggers might be credited with popularizing the concept of personal style blogs, but despite pioneering the medium as a legitimateu00a0career choice, these ladies weren't actually the first to share their OOTDs with the masses.u00a0In fact,u00a0the history of fashionu00a0blogging Valentino Shoes dates back tou00a0long beforeu00a0the early aughts u2014u00a0it's actually pre-Internet.

According to The u00a0Independent, the original style blogger was a 16th-century German accountantu00a0namedu00a0Matthu00e4us Schwarz. He was so obsessed withu00a0fashion, he reportedlyu00a0blew his entire salary on elaborateu00a0clothing, and commissioned local artists to paint portraits of himu00a0in hisu00a0outfits.

For over 40 years, he documented his favorite looks, and then bound them all together in a book calledu00a0Trachtenbuch (which translates simply into "Book of Clothes"). Dubbed by historians as "the first book on fashion," theu00a0tome is currently on display in an exhibition entitled A Young Manu2019s Progress at the Fitzwilliam Museum inu00a0Cambridge. Schwarz may be missing many of the key essentials to Valentino Sale blogging todayu00a0u2014u00a0including designer freebies, a photographer boyfriend, and endorsement deals, not to mention a WiFi-enabled device of any sort u2014u00a0but the concept remains largelyu00a0the same. Just replace watercolors with Instagram filters, fast-forward a couple hundred years, and you're good to go.u00a0(The Independent)